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Lint Ether
I was looking aroundin the couch cushionsfor my sanitycause I thought that maybe gravitysucked it in there like it doescar keys and remotes and dog t…
Lint Sin City Stories
A humorous yet disturbing anecdote.
Lint | Contrafactual
So I have an iPhone 6s Plus. The lightning plug port had stopped charging sort of. The plug wouldnt stay in and I would have to carefully hold it j…
Lint Remover by Dolce is my Find of the Season - Susan Said... WHAT?!
The Dolce pet hair and lint remover brush is two sided and has a sturdy nap that grabs hair, lint and fuzz. To use, you just swipe / brush the fabric.
Lint Cabinetry - Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce
Providing high-end custom cabinetry work and custom furniture
Lint Trap - Bradford Veley
Lint Writes
Since humans only have one life to live, it seems natural to seek out new and foreign trips, and this year I was asked by many hikers on the Pacific …
Lint Free Wipes : Material,Application from Sourcenonwoven.com
Searching for Lint free wipes for cleaning to order optimum quality cleaning wipes in China at affordable rates. Source Nonwoven provide lint free wi…
Lint Fire Starters | MacGyver Global
Here’s a great idea from Abbie, The Green Wife Instead of tossing out your lint, save up toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and even wrapping pape…
» LINT is bad Rough Book
I figured out my mistake. LINT is bad. I should have used the GENERIC kernel when recompiling… Well anyway, after many aborted attempts due to “Write…

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lint, or a linter, is a tool that analyzes source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs. The term originates from a Unix utility that examined C language source code. History Stephen C. Johnson, a computer scientist at Bell Labs, came up with lint in 1978 while debugging the yacc grammar he was writing for C and dealing with portability issues stemming from porting Unix to a 32-bit machine. The term "lint" was derived from the name of the tiny bits of fiber and fluff shed by clothing. In 1979, lint was used outside of Bell Labs for the first time in the seventh version (V7) of the Unix operating system...

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